"Flux Rutherford is the best!  They tutored my daughter from third grade through twelfth.  When we started with Flux, my daughter was overwhelmed by the math concepts and felt like she 'wasn’t good at math.'  Starting with math games, Flux taught my daughter that math could be fun.  It was wonderful to see my daughter approach math with confidence throughout middle and high school.  The extra attention and discussion time with Flux made all the difference.  Flux took their work seriously and would work closely with my daughter’s school curriculum to tailor all sessions to exactly what my daughter needed to learn.  As a result, my daughter got straight A’s in math!  She and I both attribute this to the math tutoring.  Communication with Flux was always a pleasure.  I highly recommend Flux for all your math needs." 

-Parent of College Student

"My son, a Lakeside 8th grader, has been working with Flux in weekly sessions for five years and we highly recommend their services. With their background in neuroscience and math, Flux artfully keeps my son engaged and excited about math through a variety of puzzles and games. Plus, Flux adeptly manages remote sessions and overall is a joy to work with, whether a student needs additional support or extra stretch." -Parent of 8th Grader

"A dear friend of mine heard I was looking for a tutor and enthusiastically referred me to Flux. From our initial conversation, I was impressed with Flux’s curiosity around our needs and they were genuinely interested in helping with my daughter’s anxiety around math and test taking. My daughter’s anxiety has lessened with the support she has received from Flux which was the number one goal! We have seen consistent improvement with grades, but the gift of confidence is the greatest takeaway. I would recommend Flux to anyone looking for a supportive, talented and dedicated tutor!" -Parent of 6th Grader

"I wanted to say thank you to you for tutoring me for 5 years. I really appreciate everything you have done to prepare and craft our lessons, from picking out puzzles to explaining complex topics I just learned. I have truly enjoyed meeting with you once a week and I'm melancholy that it's coming to an end. I would truly recommend to anyone working with you who has any interest in growing in math or making their logic skills much better. Thanks so much!" -8th Grader

"Flux has made such a large impact on my confidence in math and in test taking. They are always open to whatever I need help with, jumping into any assignment I have that day. We joke around, laugh, and I always end the call with a smile on my face. They are so supportive of me, and always greet me with  “How are you?” and end with a “Great Job! See you next week!” I will miss having their support but I could not be happier with the help I have received! Thank you Flux, for everything." -6th Grader

"I really enjoy going to Flux's because I'm one of those kids who loves, loves, loves math and they are helping me understand the harder concepts in an easier way.  It's really nice because they don't just give me the answers." -Student, Age 9

“When my son was in 4th grade, he told me he wanted to learn more math than what was being taught at school. We found Flux of Math Magic Labs and couldn't be happier. Through complex origami, engaging games, detailed geometric drawings, focused discussions, and thoughtful exercises, my son has been discovering the wonderful possibilities of math and having fun in the process. Now, as a 6th grader, he is in an 8th-grade-level math class at school and is doing well, while continuing to work with Flux and explore math more deeply.” -Parent of 5th Grader

"Thought you'd want to know that your former student got an overall Math grade of "99" in her last trimester! She is excelling across all areas of math from algebra to pre-calculus. And while it's still not her favorite subject, she is inquisitive, persistent and works hard to comprehend all types of concepts. And most importantly, she has great confidence in her math abilities!" Parent of 7th Grader

"Working with Flux has made a huge difference for our 13-year-old daughter.  Her grades have improved markedly, but more importantly her confidence has increased and math is no longer a source of stress for her.  I consider Flux to be an exceptional educator - along with impressive credentials that show their commitment to math education, they are very skilled at explaining math concepts in an accessible way.  I couldn't recommend them more." -Parent of 8th Grader

"My son was losing interest in learning Math. Not just that, he was staring down the "I hate Math" road. Flux’s classes turned him right around. Their use of Math games got him to soften his stance. Very soon, he started leaving his sessions with a spring in his step, telling me how much fun Math was.  I especially appreciate the collaborative aspect of Flux’s approach. They take the parents' goals and the student's personality into account; to that, they add their insight into what the student requires and create a curriculum specially suited to the needs of that particular student/family. Importantly, in the case of my son, they worked on his negative, self-defeating talk; they've got him using more "growth-mindset" language when he encounters challenges.  I love that Flux uses a variety of approaches to math instruction: board/card games, logic puzzles, screen-based math games and more traditional computational curricula on screen and paper/pencil." -Parent of 4th Grader

"I can't thank you enough for what you've done for my math. You've not only bettered my skill at math, but you've changed my entire attitude towards the subject. Math used to be my least favorite part of the day. Just today I had math and smiled the whole way through.   Thank you for believing in me and teaching me to believe in myself."  -5th Grader

"Their teaching is very good. Their program works well for me. They showed me the real concepts of math not just problems on a piece of paper." -4th Grader

"When I first started math tutoring in fourth grade, I was struggling with math and confused with the concepts.  I asked my mom to get me a tutor and she picked Flux.  At first, I was skeptical but after just a couple weeks, I felt much more confident and understanding with the concepts.  I am now in seventh grade and still go to Flux and they continue to help me learn and thrive in math.  I highly recommend them!" -7th Grader

"My 7th Grade daughter worked with Flux to fill in knowledge gaps and worked with her teacher to identify current content being covered in class.  Flux uses multiple math tools to engage their students and showed my daughter math really can be fun!  It's COOL to like math.  My daughter's perception of math has changed and she now sees it as a FUN challenge.  Flux’s knowledge base and creativity make them a superb tutor!" -Parent of 7th Grader

"Flux has a different perspective to teach me things I don't get at school.  My favorite lesson with Flux was geometry and I made a triangular hexahedron out of paper.  Flux makes math fun!" -4th Grader

"Flux is great!  They love math and readily communicate this passion.  My son, who has not loved math, has been inspired by Flux and looks forward to seeing them every week.  They use a range of different strategies and materials when working with him, but what stands out to him most is how enjoyable math can be.  They were also wonderful about communicating with his teacher and targeting their work with him on the areas where he needs to improve.  Flux is a gem!" -Parent of 4th Grader

"Flux is a great math tutor.  I used to hate math but now I love it because I learn it by playing fun logic and use fun websites and apps, for example.  I really miss you Flux." -3rd Grader

"My daughter always struggled with math and, by the third grade, had declared herself 'bad at math.' I found Flux Rutherford and after just a handful of sessions, my daughter LOVES math. Her confidence has soared. She even wants to go to math camp this summer. Flux has made math fun and engaging. I can't recommend them highly enough."  -Parent of 4th Grader

"My experience with Flux was short and fulfilling.  I was able to reach a higher level of math comprehension in a short time. In that time I passed my GED and prepped for my entrance exams. I will definitely continue my  tutoring with Flux in the future. Math, it's too cool for words."  -Young Adult Learner

"Working with Flux is fun and enjoyable!" -4th Grader

"Going back to college as an adult has been a real task for me, especially in the math department.  So many of the problems seemed familiar to me, but I still couldn't make sense of them.  It was hard for me to finally admit that I might need help, especially since many of the other students in my class were years younger than I was.  Flux was very friendly, and never made me feel inferior.  They didn't speak down to me, and had a way of explaining things on a level I understood, without making me feel overwhelmed.  I would greatly recommend Flux Rutherford as a math tutor." -Age 28